Exclusive nursery school in Liverpool.

High Hopes Child Care is a day nursery and pre-school facility in Liverpool,
offering out-of-school care for children. Our doors are open every day of the year.

Incredible play spaces for kids.

Does your child have picky eating habits? Concerned about their experience at our day care? Rest assured. At High Hopes Child Care, our experienced team is fully equipped to handle your child’s needs. All the food we offer follows government guidelines for portion control, and you can trust us to handle your child’s meals. From food quality to the menu, we take care of it all. We have diverse meal plans catering to various age groups, and if your child has allergies or specific dietary requirements, we accommodate those needs as well.

What to expect from our playroom sessions?

A great learning environment
Outdoor and indoor activities
Fun and creative learning
Overall development of the child
Physical well-being
Friendly and involved staff
A happy and bright child

Our holiday clubs

We cater to babies, toddlers and older children for out-of-school care, up to the age of 11. You can enrol your child for one of our holiday clubs. We are open throughout the year, but during school holidays, we offer holiday club programmes. You can take a look at the various activities from our earlier programmes, and if you would like more information, feel free to speak to our team.

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